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Rooms to Rent, Properties to Let, in London SE and Kent- Abbey Rooms. Rooms all bills included. House Sharing

We are a team of landlords who have a portfolio of properties in the London South East region.
We are not an agency, so we do not charge for you to rent our room or properties, when you contact us directly.

Any time you will rent a room or a property, you will be given a contract (either AST or a licence), your deposit will be protected according to the law.

We are landlords, who like to do things well, and always keep up to date with legislation, so we are active members of two of the main landlords associations (NLA & LLAS).

Our main concern is making sure our tenants feel well in their homes. So we have a dedicated team of professionals working with us for your comfort. See Our Team.

As our aim is to provide good service to our tenants, and have a good relationship with each of them, most of the time our tenants stay more than 3 years in our properties.
So not all our properties are available at the moment.

If you like one of our properties, but it is not displayed as vacant please send us an email, we will keep you in our database, and contact you as soon as your preferred property will be vacant.


Our Mission: Provide affordable accommodation to single people and families in warm and safe environment.


Our Values: Professionalism, Honesty, & Well-being.


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